Devin Dawson Calls Us Early and Says He Makes a Mean Porkchop

We can’t wait to chat with Devin Dawson tomorrow (Tuesday) morning when he calls us just after 6 am! We also can’t wait to ask Devin about his recipe for a tasty rosemary, balsamic pork chop! He spent some time in culinary school before trading in his spice rack for a guitar and moving from Cali to Nashville, so the guy must know his way around the kitchen!

If you haven’t heard, congrats to Devin on the recent ACM Awards New Artist of the Year nomination, (he was shocked!) and on the success of his awesome song ‘All On Me,’ which is about to go Numero-Uno! Devin is also scheduled to be a guest on ELLEN this Thursday!

The guy isn’t having a bad week!!!

Listen for Devin to call the Jim, Deb & Kevin Celebrity Hotline tomorrow morning on 95.5 WFMS!