Beloved Children’s Show Featured A Gay Wedding

just married sign
(Photo from Pixabay)

The animation may not have evolved much, but apparently the story-lines have… Arthur, popular children’s TV show on PBS, just kicked off it’s 22nd season with a gay wedding! Side note: they gotta get those poor kids a tutor or something because they’ve been in 3rd grade for, like, ever…

In the latest episode, Arthur and his classmates are under the impression that their teacher, Mr. Ratburn, is getting married to a woman named Patty — a lady they are not fond of and are worried will toughen their teacher. Spoiler alert: Patty is Mr. Ratburn’s sister. When the kids attend the wedding (like students do) they realize that Mr. Ratburn is actually marrying a man named Patrick. You can watch the episode here. 

Twitter is buzzing with delight about the episode:

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