A Life Change Brings Deb to Tears On-Air

It was an emotional morning on the air when I talked about my oldest son leaving for college in 3 days. Who am I kidding, its been an emotional WEEK!!!

Every parent who has experienced sending a child off to college knows what I’m talking about. It’s not bad, just different. It’s what we all strive for as parents, seeing our kids be successful and chase their dream. Yet, it’s bittersweet because it involves change.

And when I least expect it, emotions hit me like a ton of bricks. It happened Sunday when I heard Darius Rucker’s ‘It Won’t Be Like This For Long’ while driving, and tears were soon streaming down my face. (If you missed the conversation this morning, you can listen below.)

Thank you for all of the kind comments & baring with me while I navigate these uncharted waters. I will be okay, I know that. My dear friend, Tina, survived her two boys leaving home, and my older sister isn’t lighting a candle-filled shrine in my niece’s bedroom two years after she left for IU. (Because that would be WEIRD, right?) It certainly isn’t lost on me that Moms & Dads do this all the time.

On Friday, I will join the ranks of parents who proudly watch their child grow up & make their own decisions at a distance, instead of under the roof where they were raised.

And proud I am.