You Can Enroll Your Dog In A Study To Increase Their Lifespan

French Bulldog
A Gray French Bull Dog

Everyone wishes their dog could live longer. And that’s exactly the aim of a new study by the The Dog Aging Project.

According to CNN, the group is about to emBARK on a new study. It will involve 10,000 dogs and take place over 10 years. The goal is to see if they can increase lifespan and quality of life over those years.

Dogs get a lot of the same diseases of aging that humans do so by learning what will work for them we also learn what might help us.

So, if this all sounds good to you, you can actually apply to have your dog in the study. They’ll go to the vet once a year, possibly go for special tests and it sounds like they might have to take a pill.

The FAQs on the website mention Rapamycin which apparently changes aging somehow.

To get more details and nominate a dog just go to