Can Someone Please Explain This To Me?

A few weeks back, long before restaurants were shut down, Greg and I took my sisters out to dinner to celebrate their birthdays. Both my older and younger sisters had milestone birthdays this year, and we wanted to recognize the occasion. It was one of those fancy places, and our server asked if we were celebrating anything special. Once dinner was over, we visited at our table for a bit, waiting for the check, when our server arrived at our table with an odd presentation.

She smiled as she wished both of my sisters a Happy Birthday while holding a plate in each hand, adorned with two flickering candles. Our server then placed the plates on our table, and walked away. It was then that we all looked at each other in confusion.

You’re probably thinking the plates featured a slab of complimentary cake or a celebration dessert to share.

We did, too.

Nope. It was just the candles, as bizarre as that seems, attached to the plate with a dot of hot wax.  Have to admit, this was a first.

Certainly appreciated the kind gesture, just seemed odd to me.