Deb: Why I Screamed in my Kitchen 25 Years Ago


Do you remember the day you got hired?

I do.

I was standing in my apartment on the north side of Indianapolis, and literally jumped up and down in my kitchen. Like an absolute maniac. I’m certain that I even shouted out loud, you know, things like ‘YESSSS! YESSSS! Day is MADE!’ while pumping my fists in the air. I was proud to share with my mother and father that my Butler University degree in Radio & Television was being put to good use, and one day I may be able to cover my own rent. It’s been 25 years, and I still love my job. (I can also afford a mortgage, so oddly enough, Dad became my biggest fan!) I love my job so much that I miss work when I’m on vacation, though I don’t miss waking at 3:30 am. Working in an industry where I can be creative, make people laugh, raise awareness for important causes, and tell artists’ stories through interviews (my favorite thing to do!) is a blessing.

I recently received some exciting news, minus the fist pumps, only because I’ve learned to compose myself over the years…

I am honored to be recognized by the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation with a Gracie Award for my work as a Co-Host in a Large/Major Market. Always proud to be a working Mom, I’m also proud to support The Gracies & their work of advancing women in media for over 60 years. I love seeing women encourage, support, and empower other women to continue doing their best work, as it’s important for us to champion each other. I am especially proud that my entry featured my work to raise awareness for Suicide Prevention. I also recently learned that my longtime idol, television journalist Deborah Norville, is also a past recipient of a Gracie Award. HOW COOL IS THAT? Clearly, we should hang and order pizza, she just doesn’t know me, yet.

It goes without saying that my lifelong friends Jim Denny & Kevin Freeman are a huge part of this achievement. I hit the co-host jackpot with these two, who have always, and I mean ALWAYS, supported my contributions. These guys are the best of the best, always having my back, and it’s our teamwork that creates good radio. It is not lost on me that I wouldn’t love what I do if I didn’t love who sits next to me each and every morning. Jim & Kevin are two of the nicest guys in the radio industry, or anywhere for that matter. So fortunate to have them in my life! I also can’t brag on my co-hosts without mentioning my talented friend and former co-host, Trapper John, who tolerated my no-filter conversations in the studio and showed me the true meaning of a great work ethic. He was relentless! Trapper is a dear friend to this day whose success in Nashville is well-deserved and I still call for advice.

WFMS has been my second family over the years, and all because of our wonderful listeners…YOU! Thank you for the honor of sharing your home, car or office with me each morning. We consider you a part of our family!