New Study Says Many Adults Have Ended A Relationship Over ‘AC Etiquette’

Now that we’re officially in Summer, you are most likely talking with your roommates and significant other about what to set your air conditioning to and it turns out most people have ended a relationship because of it!

According to Study Finds, air conditioning settings have the ability to make or break even the strongest relationships as one in four adults say they’ve ended a friendship with a roommate over thermostat arguments.

Half of the survey said they wouldn’t even date someone that doesn’t share the same “AC etiquette” as them!

The average person will sweat through five hot and sleepless nights before turning on their cooling system and over half of respondents admit they feel “defeated” when they do. All in the name of saving money.

According to the survey, the ideal thermostat temperature is 69 degrees. So to keep things cool in your home, in more ways than one, it’s probably best to set things there and walk away.