The Average Bachelor Party Costs Each Person $1,044

Wedding season is a great time of year, but dang, it can get expensive real quick!

According to WeddingWire’s 2019 Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Study, it costs $708 to attend a bachelorette party and $1,044 to attend a bachelor party and the biggest factor in determining the cost of the getaway is how long the party lasts.

The most common bachelorette/bachelor party length is two to three days and the classic dancing/clubbing/bar crawl is still a favorite among wedding parties.

One reason bachelorette parties tend to be less expensive than bachelor parties is the guest list size as most of the time the bride has more bridesmaids then the groom has groomsmen so it’s a cheaper split.

However, we all know it’s easier for bachelorette parties to get free drinks and into places than it is for bachelor parties! Now start saving your money!