This Is Not Ice Cream

Kevin here ….

People who know me know I’m pretty plain.  I’m a no frills guy.  I wear button down shirts (with a t-shirt), drive a basic truck, and I shop at Tractor supply.

And ….. I like plain vanilla ice cream.

When I saw an article on how to make ice cream out of ketchup, mayo, and barbecue sauce …. I said YUCK! But, Jim & Deb reminded me that not everybody is as boring as me.  So, here’s the recipe to make homemade ice cream from Heinz.

It’s  pretty simple . . .

1 – add heavy cream

2 – add condensed milk

3 – add whole milk

4 – add a few large squeezes of the condiment you like most (ketchup, mayo, barbecue sauce) to a bowl, mixing them up

5 – put the mix in the freezer and wait until frozen.

Now, I would add a step 6. Go to the grocery store and buy some real ice cream …. preferably vanilla.