Sam Hunt Explains What Happened The Night Of His DUI Arrest

Sam Hunt
(Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images)

I know time doesn’t make sense anymore, but somehow it’s been eight months since Sam Hunt made headlines with his DUI arrest.

While he apologized shortly after the incident, he hadn’t really said much about the events of that evening. But, now he is opening up saying, “Why would I be afraid to talk about it? If it happens, it’s true,” according to Taste of Country.

According to the recent interview, Sam and his pals actually did use Uber while going between bars. But, he left his phone in one of the cars.

He goes on to say that he went back to the home of one of his friends, had some pizza and fell asleep. He woke up, got in the car to go home and that’s when he was pulled over.

Sam took responsibility and said moderation is important.