How Much Starbucks Is Costing You Every Year

If you’re like me, you know you probably spend more on coffee than you need to…especially if you go through the Starbucks drive thru on a daily basis!

According to Next Advisor, people who drink Starbucks every day spend about $2,007.50 a year

Those who simply make coffee in their coffee pot spend only about $45.90 a year, which saves them as much as $1,961.60 yearly.

Here’s how much folks are spending on coffee:

  • Starbucks – $2.75 a cup or $2,007.50 a year
  • Nespresso – $1.10 a cup, or $962.00 a year
  • Keurig – $.48 a cup or $533.50 year
  • French Press – $.22 a cup or $160.60 a year
  • Coffee Pot – $.03 a cup or $45.90 a year