Vehicle Crashes Into WFMS Studio

Thank you for the concern about what’s been a challenging and emotional 24 hours for our team. A vehicle on I-465 lost control, according to authorites, and unfortunately ran into our WFMS studio. We are extremely thankful that none of our colleagues were injured.

The investigation is ongoing, and our prayers are with the gentleman who was driving the vehicle. We cannot confirm his condition at this time and we are all hoping for the best.

We will need to do a new build-out of our WFMS studio. All those details are being worked out. After some time off-air due to the crash, we are happily back on the air. In the short term, we will continue to broadcast from our brand-new support studio in our Media Center.

This has been a very unfortunate situation; but we here at 95.5 WFMS and Cumulus Media Indianapolis have been very blessed. Our thoughts and prayers are with the driver. Thank you all for your support.