Carly Pearce Says It’s The Worst Halloween Candy

Our buddy Carly Pearce was asked to name the worst Halloween candy. Without hesitation, she said Candy Corn. With all due respect to the CMA Female Vocalist of the Year, Kevin has to disagree.

Alone Candy Corn may not match up with a Snickers bar, but add some peanuts and it’s a game changer. It may not be as healthy as one of Deb’s – One Pot Meals … but it good!

Kevin says just pour a bag of Carly’s least favorite candy in to a bowl, and add a container of salted dry roasted peanuts (must be salted). Pop a hand full in your month and your taste buds will think it’s a Payday candy bar.

JDK will be in Nashville next month for the CMA Awards. Kevin will have to deliver a bag of Candy Corn and Peanuts to Carly. See if he can change her mind. Stay tuned!