Would You Eat The SAME Salad 10 Years In A Row?

Jennifer Aniston did. For the record, that’s 3,650 salads. Aye yay yay.

Not sure I could do that, because after a while I would crave something other than lettuce. However, it was good enough for Jen, along with her Friends co-stars Courtney Cox & Lisa Kudrow, who say they enjoyed lunch together on the set of the hit TV show every day for an entire decade.

Every. Single. Day.

Forget the salad, would you be able to eat with the SAME co-workers every day for 10 years? Kidding! If it were Jim and Kevin, yes, that’s a no-brainer. They make me laugh until I am doubled over gasping for air and wiping tears (good cries!) from my eyes. The only problem would be I may not have time to eat, yet the company would be entertaining!

Heads up, the salad circulating the internet is one Jennifer Aniston shared when she took over a food blog’s Instagram site and not the one she enjoyed while filming Friends. (She says, ‘I’m sorry, I feel like I’m disappointing everybody, but that’s not my salad.’) The REAL infamous salad is a doctored-up Cobb that includes the following ingredients:

Shredded lettuce, chicken, egg whites, chickpeas, turkey bacon, and a basic vinaigrette. On occasion, Jen would add a speciality cheese (pecorino) from a nearby Italian restaurant to top it off, but usually didn’t stray far from her routine.

I could probably eat cake every day for 10 years, so I’m not knocking this, it’s a personal preference. 3,650 slices of cake? Yes, please! What about YOU? ~Deb