The Best First Weekend In Indy

Taylor/Thomas Rhett/Matt Malone – Image courtesy of Taylor

What an incredible first week in Indianapolis! Everyone at WFMS and Cumulus Media has been so welcoming for my first week in Indianapolis! I keep hearing that song from “Annie” going through my head, you know when Daddy Warbucks adopts her, she sings “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here,” that’s literally been in my head all week!!! Work has been fun and the first week was capped off with 8 Seconds Saloon on Friday night, Neon Nights, and then the Thomas Rhett concert on Saturday night! Here are some photos from the show!

Cole Swindell and Taylor at Gainbridge Field House on May 6, 2023 – Photo Courtesy of Taylor
Taylor & Nate Smith – Photo Courtesy of Taylor

Nate Smith was so nice! I wish him even more success than the path is is currently on! I may or may not have witnessed him chasing a shot of Thomas Rhett’s Dos Primos Tequila with pineapple juice!