Sometimes Low-Tech Is Good …

We were joking on the air the other morning that I still use a watch that ONLY tells time. It doesn’t even give the day or date. It’s pretty low tech.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I embrace new technology. I just like some things old-fashioned. Like my credit union. I want my bank or credit union to still give me personal one-on-one service. And that’s why I’m a member of FORUM CREDIT UNION.

Of course, FORUM CU has all the latest apps, website resources and remote deposit options that other banks and credit unions have, but they’ve never forgotten how important it is to offer personal service.

I’ve been a member of FORUM CREDIT UNION since I was a kid with a savings account. Since then, we’ve used them to finance our home, buy several cars, and save for our daughter’s 3 weddings. FORUM CU is big enough to handle all my financial needs, but low-tech enough to still treat me like a friend. And that’s important to me. Go to to learn more. — Kevin Freeman